The Project

EVERGREEN Environmentally friendly biomolecules from agricultural wastes as substitutes of pesticides for plant diseases control – LIFE13 ENV/IT/000461

The EVERGREEN project will demonstrate the successful use of biomolecules recovered from agricultural vegetable wastes as substitutes of pesticides for the environmentally friendly and sustainable control of plant diseases.
Among the most harmful phytopathogens which threaten crops, causing severe losses and including many quarantine for Europe, there are bacteria and nematodes. Current pesticides for controlling these plant pathogens are definitely unsatisfactory and highly pollutant.
The main goal of EVERGREEN will be to demonstrate the in vitro and in vivo efficacy and reliability of the polyphenolic-based biomolecules extracted from agricultural non-food biomasses and wastes as disease control products against phytopathogenic bacteria and nematodes, for replacing current commercial pesticides and application of copper salts in conventional and organic agriculture. Optimised field treatments will also be carried out on several plants and crops having a high commercial value and here used as a model (Olive, Kiwi, Potato, Tobacco).